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Once upon a time, a rock came out of a hole in the ground.

Her name was Amethyst, and she was a member of a race of interstellar warriors called Gems. Thousands of other Gems like her had come out of other holes in the ground nearby, but they were bigger than Amethyst, and stronger. They had fought in a war for control of this planet, a planet called "Earth."

But that was a long time ago. The other Gems were all destroyed and the war was long over by the time Amethyst emerged. She was all alone, and she stayed alone for a very long time.

Eventually, Amethyst was found by other Gems, the winners and sole survivors of the war for Earth. They took her in as one of their own, and taught her about her species and its history in the universe and on this planet. She took up arms to help her new friends protect Earth and its life from danger. And that’s what she’s been doing ever since.

And now, as of about ten years ago, Amethyst has one particularly special person to protect. A person named Steven.

Most of the time, Amethyst takes the form of a short, fat humanoid with purple skin, long pale purple hair, dark eyes, and a harelip. She usually wears a black sleeveless tunic, gray leggings with black stars on the knees, and white moon boots. She has a faceted amethyst gem embedded in her chest, partially covered by the tunic. Amethyst may shapeshift into a variety of other forms, but she will always be some shade of purple and have an amethyst on her chest (or the closest anatomical equivalent thereof).

As a Gem, Amethyst can shapeshift into any form, has a weapon (a multi-pronged whip studded with amethyst crystals) she can summon at will, and is functionally immortal as well as nearly indestructible. If she does become injured, her body will "poof" out of existence, leaving only her gem behind until she can generate a new form--a process that can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days. If her gemstone is damaged, on the other hand... well, just hope that that doesn't happen, okay?

Amethyst is from the TV series Steven Universe, and is the property of Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network. She appears here solely for the purpose of roleplay, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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